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According to the most traditional etiquette a reply card is actually a no-no. People should write hand written notes (on their own stationery) in response. Now, while I think that sounds lovely, I think it’s also unrealistic. Instead, consider an RSVP card in a stamped envelope to make it easy for your guests to respond.

What about e-mail or phone RSVP?

It might surprise you that I am not against e-mail, phone or website RSVPs, but it has to fit the occasion. If you are having a formal wedding, a formal RSVP card is the right way to go, but if you are having a small informal wedding, why not? 2 ways of replying is optimal. I would suggest a backup phone number for non-tech savvy guests.

Many of my clients are now using tech with their RSVP card. They’re choosing to do wedding websites (or wedsites) which allow them to give extra info to their guests, get meal choices and even song requests.


There’s no hard and fast rule about what needs to be on a reply card. Some people simply write, “Please reply by such and such a date” and allow their guests to write a note in the rest of the space. This option can give you some great keepsakes.

Here are some options to consider for your reply card text:


When do you need to know your final guest numbers? Often your venue or caterer need to have a full count of your guests up to a month before your event. This also gives you time to plan your seating, place cards, etc. And, remember, there will be late responders. Leave yourself at least a week before you need your numbers to call the stragglers.


Generally, a line is included for your guests to write in their names. This is often written with a “M” in front of the line so that you guest can start their name with their title (Ms., Mr.). Some people prefer to have the word “Name(s)” in front of the line. 


This line includes a check box or line to check to indicate whether or not your guest will be attending.

ex) ____will attend   ____will not attend


ex) Number attending: _____

This is great for getting an accurate head count, however there are some that feel that it encourages guests to write in more people than are actually invited.


The reply card can help you guests pick their entree before the wedding. It can also be helpful in finding out if your guests have allergies or other dietary requirements.

Ultimately, the reply card allows you to personalize the information you want, whether it’s a simple note or detailed options. It's up to you!


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