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Eco-Friendly Designs
It’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  We’ve been celebrating all year, making greener designs that are still beautiful & unique. 

With so many great options, environmentally friendly invitations don’t have to be boring or dull.  In fact, MDC Designs has been using eco-friendly products right from the beginning.  We’ve simply made the move to use more!

Some of most beautiful papers in the world are environmentally friendly.  Papers such as mulberry(kozo), lokta, hemp and cotton are made from sustainable plants.  Paper mills are creating more and more recycled products.  As well they are making paper using alternative energy sources such as wind and water.

Check out our website for beautiful designs like Claret and Green Tamarind (above) which are made from completely from sustainable & recycled papers. We are happy to switch any papers in the MDC line to add more recycled content or tree free paper. 

For DIY see our beautiful mulberry pocketfolder and petalfolder kits made of sustainable paper with recycled cardstock and envelopes.

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A great way to save time and stress not to mention envelopes, is to take advantage of our envelope printing service.  For a small cost your envelopes can be ready to go when you receive your invitations.  Printed with the lettering style of your invitation, these envelopes help to create a beautiful co-ordinated set.