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Invitation Envelopes

Shopping at one of my favourite paper stores the other day I saw 3 customers who were trying to find envelopes for the DIY invites they had created. None of them was having much luck.

Just like with those customers, envelopes are usually the last thing most people think about when planning their invites, but maybe it should be one of the first.

Here are some things you may want to consider about your envelopes before you create your invites.

Size:  There are two important questions about size.

What envelope sizes exist?  You need to know this so that you don’t create an invitation that won’t be able to fit into any regular size envelope.  Picking a unique size may also limit your style choices of envelopes

What are the postal service rules?  Do they meet minimum size?  A cake company who recently started offering invites ran into this size problem.  They created a line of invites where all the RSVP cards were too small to be mailed.  You also want to check if your envelope size will be oversize to account for extra postage. 

Colours:  What colours are available? It can be very difficult to match most colours if not using the same brand, even white has many different shades.  Also, certain colours are often only available in the most common sizes.

Addressing: Can you print the size on your printer?  Is there enough of a contrast between the printed address and the envelope colour?  You may need to consider labels.

Are envelopes the most important part of your invite?  No, but remember it is the first thing that people see of your invite and you don’t want it to detract from the beauty of the invitation that you have spent so many hours creating. 

Posted By MDC Designs

sparkling snowflake placecard
Today’s spotlight focuses on these adorable placecards made for Erin.  Erin was a recent bride who had a snowflake theme for her January wedding.  Her custom designed purple pocket invites were accented with cut outs of snowflakes with shining Swarovski crystals.  She loved them and wanted some reception stationery to match.  My favourite items were these gorgeous placecards, each with a small snowflake and crystal.  What a way to add sparkle to an event!