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Posted By MDC Designs

Ivory & navy thank you cards by MDC Designs

I’m generally not a stickler for traditional etiquette, but on thank you notes the traditionalists and I agree. My last blog post explained how to write thank you notes, but here I hope to explain the who, why & when of writing the thank you cards for your wedding.


So why do you have to write those things anyways?

  1. To show your appreciation. These people all played a part in making your wedding day special. Let them know how much it means! 

  2. To let them know their present has arrived. So many of us order our gifts online or do registries. Sometimes, these registry gifts are picked up by the couple, or can even help to pay for honeymoons or houses. Even when there is a gift table, we can’t be sure that the present has been received until it is acknowledged.



According to Emily Post you have 3 months to write your thank you notes after the wedding. Ideally, they should be written as soon as possible, so that people know their gifts have been received and your wedding is still fresh in your mind.


Who should get a thank you card?

You should thank anyone who has sent you a gift of course, but really you should thank all the people who gave you their time and effort as well. Thank your guests for attending even if they did not give you anything tangible. Your bridesmaids and friends may have helped to make your dream wedding a reality or even gave you much needed emotional support.  

You can’t go wrong by sending a thank you note for any effort, big or small.  It’s always nice to know you are appreciated!



Pictured above: Thank you cards to co-ordinate with a customized version of the Blue Danube Invitation.