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Blue Danube Eco Friendly Invitation

How many invites do I need? That’s an easy question, right? It will be about 60% of the total number of guests, with only one invitation given to each couple or family. You just make up your list and you’re done. Well, almost...
Most invitation designers, including MDC Designs, recommend that you add 10 to 15% more invitations than you think you need. Why?  I know some people think this is a mad cash grab that designers have come up with, but we’re actually trying to save our clients time, stress and yes, money.
There are many reasons you might need extras:
1.       Your mom adds 5 extra people to the list at the last minute
2.       You realise you forgot to add someone to the list
3.       Your fiancés mom wants an extra one  for a keepsake
4.       Invites get lost in the mail
A couple of these actually happened at my own wedding. I made 10 extra invitations and was left with none.

Can I just get extras later? Sure you can, but it will cost you much less to get a few extra up front. You will have to pay for a small order (smaller orders cost more per piece) and you may also need to pay rush fees. Plus, you may not be able to get the extras very quickly if your stationer is very busy.

The worst thing that can happen when you get a few extras – a few beautiful keepsakes of your big day.