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Invitation Envelopes

Shopping at one of my favourite paper stores the other day I saw 3 customers who were trying to find envelopes for the DIY invites they had created. None of them was having much luck.

Just like with those customers, envelopes are usually the last thing most people think about when planning their invites, but maybe it should be one of the first.

Here are some things you may want to consider about your envelopes before you create your invites.

Size:  There are two important questions about size.

What envelope sizes exist?  You need to know this so that you don’t create an invitation that won’t be able to fit into any regular size envelope.  Picking a unique size may also limit your style choices of envelopes

What are the postal service rules?  Do they meet minimum size?  A cake company who recently started offering invites ran into this size problem.  They created a line of invites where all the RSVP cards were too small to be mailed.  You also want to check if your envelope size will be oversize to account for extra postage. 

Colours:  What colours are available? It can be very difficult to match most colours if not using the same brand, even white has many different shades.  Also, certain colours are often only available in the most common sizes.

Addressing: Can you print the size on your printer?  Is there enough of a contrast between the printed address and the envelope colour?  You may need to consider labels.

Are envelopes the most important part of your invite?  No, but remember it is the first thing that people see of your invite and you don’t want it to detract from the beauty of the invitation that you have spent so many hours creating. 

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 It’s January again, time for many brides to start thinking about their wedding invitations.  So, I thought that it would be a good time for a refresher of last year’s blog - Wedding Invitation Timeline.  One of the best ways to avoid wedding stress is make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get everything done, so you don’t have to rush.   That leads to one of the most common invitation questions - when should I order my wedding invitations?

The simple answer is – at least 3 to 4 months before your wedding.

Here is how the breakdown of that works:

Mailing time : It is recommended that you mail your invites 6-8 weeks (1 ½ months to 2) before your wedding.

Manufacturing timehandmade, custom and specialty invitations generally take from 4-8 weeks (1 or 2 months), but can be more during peak season or if you have a large order.
Please remember to leave yourself extra time to address and stuff your envelopes too!

And for you DIY brides – more is more, when it comes to time for making wedding invitations.  Start early – most DIY brides find that it takes much more time than they expect!



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DIY is one of the biggest trends in wedding invitations, but who should be doing DIY?

Last week a call came into the office from a groom who wanted to buy, print, assemble and send out his DIY wedding invitations in less then a week.  As I quickly explained that I wouldn’t recommend DIY invitations for such a short time frame, I realized that there are a lot of things that people don’t know about DIY invitations, so I thought I would try to help.

First, let me explain how MDC Designs got into the DIY business.  We began years ago doing only custom and personalized handmade wedding invitations.  Yet, every year we would see several brides who would come to us after trying to make their own invitations.  So, we set out to make DIY products that would help those brides right from the start.  Still, we believe DIY is a great idea for some, but not for others.

Here are some factors to consider:

1) Crafty-ness:  Do you love crafting or scrapbooking? Want to be hands on in the invitation process?  DIY may be for you.  Experience with glues, equipment and paper is definitely a plus when creating invitations.  Working with paper isn’t always easy.  I always think of a Project Runway episode where one designer asked “who knew it would be so difficult to work with paper”? 

2) Cost:  This is the number 1 reason that people decide to DIY their wedding invitations, but is it really true that DIY costs less? 

The truth is that DIY invitations can cost less then fully assembled invitations, but this is not always the case.  DIYers need to incorporate the not only the cost of the paper and embellishments, but the glue, tools and shipping.  Plus there is the biggest hidden cost, the cost of mistakes and trial and error.  Always account for extras in your costs.

3) Vision:  Are you a person who knows what they like when they see it?  Often, the brides that I would see after a DIY attempt knew what they wanted, but not how to get there.  If this describes you, consider complete kits (including all embellishments and instructions) like our Prestige DIY line.

4) Time:  Like the groom who called, this is the main factor that people fail to consider.  It takes much more time then most people think to create a beautiful invitation. 

So is DIY for you?  Check out our great DIY options.   Or you may want to consider using a professional stationer (like MDC Designs!).  This can save you precious time and stress during your wedding planning.  We can often work within a set budget to make your vision a reality.  Plus we have beautiful papers, specialized adhesives and equipment  Most of all we have the experience to create the perfect invitation for you. 

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Eco-Friendly Designs
It’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  We’ve been celebrating all year, making greener designs that are still beautiful & unique. 

With so many great options, environmentally friendly invitations don’t have to be boring or dull.  In fact, MDC Designs has been using eco-friendly products right from the beginning.  We’ve simply made the move to use more!

Some of most beautiful papers in the world are environmentally friendly.  Papers such as mulberry(kozo), lokta, hemp and cotton are made from sustainable plants.  Paper mills are creating more and more recycled products.  As well they are making paper using alternative energy sources such as wind and water.

Check out our website for beautiful designs like Claret and Green Tamarind (above) which are made from completely from sustainable & recycled papers. We are happy to switch any papers in the MDC line to add more recycled content or tree free paper. 

For DIY see our beautiful mulberry pocketfolder and petalfolder kits made of sustainable paper with recycled cardstock and envelopes.

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Mulberry Pocketfolder

We love being noticed!

Last year took notice of our beautiful mulberry pocket folders, saying that it was "DIY meets Eco-Chic" in their blog about the DIY scene in Canada.  This year they asked us for more information and posted a feature article on us and our many green DIY options.

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